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Learn more about us

Manuel Alexander Roth, M.Sc.

Founder and CEO

Manuel Roth is the founder and CEO of Roth Immoinvest GmbH, which has been successful in the German investment market since 2014. Manuel conducts the company's operational activities and the development of strategic goals. He obtained his Master of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering, University of the Armed Forces Munich and currently a candidate of a Master of Law degree in Mergers Acquisitions,Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. Its multinational experience on the international market and the extensive knowledge of investment opportunities ensure that the company's services operate on a high standard. Manuel speaks excellent English, German and Hungarian. He served in the German army for ten years including a deployment in Mali as a United Nations peacekeeper, which has largely determined the successful operation of the company.

Marcus Schulze, M.Eng.

Real-Estate Transaction Advisor

Marcus Schulze has been working for Roth Immoinvest since 2015 as an investment adviser and project manager. After his studies in Munich he obtained a master's degree in Business Administration. He helps our clients with his international investment experience.

Roth Immoinvest GmbH

In 2014 Roth Immoinvest started out as real-estate transaction advisory firm in Germany and closed a number of successful deals. Our company now focuses in advising innovative startup companies especially from the Central and Eastern European region as we see a lack of privately managed venture capital in these markets. Government backed funding regimes are good for acceleration in the early phase of startups but lack flexibility as the companies grow.

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